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Fee Schedule for Team Mental Health Package

Package cost:
$430 for each individual

Groups should include 5-12 employees

Includes one 30 minute session with each employee and three 90 minute group sessions.


Each employee will be provided with a packet of questionnaires prior to their appointment, in
order to effectively pinpoint areas of difficulty and make efficient use of the session.

Individual session:

  • Personal issues that might be interfering with work
  • Workplace challenges to be addressed in the group

Note: If several people are experiencing similar difficulties in their personal lives, I will recommend
a psycho-educational workshop on that topic.

Group Session One:
  • Introductions
  • Guidelines of group
  • Brief psycho-education regarding the issues that came up for people (like grief, divorce, sleep, etc) 
  • Practical advice for handling those issues. 
  • Note: confidentiality will be maintained by facilitators. These issues are addressed in a general sense.
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Homework

Group Session Two (2-4 weeks later):
  • Reminder of group guidelines
  • Check-in with status of personal difficulties and follow up of use of skills learned in prior group
  • Advice for how the group can support and help each other follow up on the advice given in prior session
  • Practical advice for working as individuals and as a team to overcome those difficulties and increase mental health
  • Questions/Obstacles addressed
  • Homework

Group Session Three (4-6 weeks later):

  • Follow up: What worked, what did not work?
  • Problem-solving: generalizing what worked and addressing anything that was ineffective
  • Group development of a plan going forward
  • Conclusion of group
  • Evaluation Form
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